Webhosting platform

Hosting powered by RESTENA

Credentials and addresses

For each RESTENA webhosting account you recevez via postal mail a info sheet containing at least the following details:

  • FTP data
  • Server
  • FTP username
  • Password
  • Website
  • Url
  • Proxy/Email data
  • Username
  • Password
  • Database
  • Server
  • Username
  • Password
  • Name of the MySQL database

FTP server details

This server gives you access to your webspace in one of the following ways:

  • FTP
  • SSH or SFTP

From September 2009 to at least december 2013 this server is reachable as <username>.hosting-restena.lu. Starting with January 2014 this server name will gradually change to login-ftp.hosting-restena.lu (you will be contacted by our services during this transition phase).

Access using FTP

As FTP access is not protected it will be limited gradually to just remain available from IP addresses located in Luxembourg or partially from neighbour countries.

For further details, check FTP access page.

Access using SSH

SSH (and SFTP which is embedded in SSH) on the other hand is a secure protocol and available from all over the world. For security reasons, only public key based authentication is available.

For further details, check SSH access page.

Access using HTTPS

The HTTPS access provides a set of tools and extra information. The most prominent tool is phpMyAdmin which allows easy maintenance of your database. The other tools are log and statistics viewers.

Proxy/email details

These credentials are required to send outbound mail from your website as well as gain access to outbound proxy for requesting external resources.

For further details, check outbound access via proxy page.

These credentials are preconfigured for the PHP mail() function and the shell /usr/bin/sendmail command).

Database details

By default, each website has one associated database, if you need more than one database, please contact the helpdesk.

The database server is not reachable from the internet, to prepare your database, please use phpMyAdmin using HTTPS access or with port-forwarding on SSH connection.

Help and assistance

If you encounter problems with your webspace, please contact the helpdesk. In order to allow for quick and efficient support, please provide a detailled description of the issue and don't forget to mention which website is affected.