Webhosting platform

Hosting powered by RESTENA

Filesystem layout

  • awstats/ (no access)

    Directory used for providing access statistics for your site.

  • conf/ (readonly access)

    Contains configuration files for apache, php4 et php5 that are used for your site.

  • cgi-bin/ (unrestricted access) *

    Directory into which you should put all CGI files, it is visible as /cgi-bin/ by your browser.
    This directory should only contain CGI scripts.

  • htdocs/ (unrestricted access) *

    Directory into which you should put all content that shall be visible to your visitors.

  • logs/ (readonly access)

    Contiens recent access and error logs for download/lookup.

  • private/ (unrestricted access)

    Directory where you should put .htpasswd filees as well as resources that shall not be directly accessed by browsers such as web-application configuration files, libraries and files offered as download only via PHP or CGI scripts.

  • tmp/ (unrestricted access)

    Directory into which all temporary files should go, this includes PHP/GCI session files, caches and similar files. These files will not be considered by the backup system.

* There may be multiple directories with names that begin with this prefix. In this case, these directories represent different websites hosted within the same account. Be careful when changing permissions of files and directories within these directories as incorrect changes may render affected files/directories unreachable. Moreover it is preferred to copy files from tmp/ or private/ into these directories instead of moving them so that proper permissions get applied.